2017 RPAC Deadlines

Major Investor Recognition Deadlines:  If you have major investors that would like to be recognized at the NAR REALTOR Legislative Meetings or the Annual Conference, their contributions need to be into the OAR office by April 7 or Oct. 6 (respectively) so we can be sure NAR receives the funds by their deadline.  Keep in mind that these contributions should be personal contributions and not made with a company check.

OAR Convention RPAC 100% of Goal Recognition: — Aug. 15 is the deadline for RPAC Contributions to be received at the OAR office in order for Boards to be recognized for reaching goal at the OAR Convention in September. See Goals.

NAR Year-End Deadline: The new year-end deadline is Dec. 1.  All contributions to be counted for the 2017 RPAC campaign must be at the OAR office by close of business on Dec. 1.  Due to being so close to the end of the year, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE for contributions received after Dec. 1. All contributions received after that date will be attributed towards the 2017 campaign.

NAR RPAC Fundraising Grants: As most of you know, NAR has grants available to assist you with your fundraisers.  Below is a link to the information pertaining to receiving a grant.  If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  Applications have to come from the Boards, OAR staff will be glad to help you fill out information you might not have readily on-hand.

NAR RPAC Grant Information Link