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  1. RPAC Manual

Local Boards

Please keep OAR updated on any RPAC events you might be planning along with the name of your 2018 RPAC contact. If you haven’t already sent OAR that information, please do so by contacting Debbie Dillon at dillon@ohiorealtors.org. OAR’s Chairman of the Political Activity & RPAC Fundraising Committee is happy to come to your Board or RPAC event to speak. If you are interested, please contact OAR and we will make the arrangements.

RPAC Contribution Forms
One of the great services OAR provides to help with your fundraising efforts is pre-printing of RPAC Contribution Forms. If you have a large fundraising event coming up, we can pre-print Candidate Contribution Forms with all of your member’s names. Please give us at least 2 weeks notice to print these and get them to you before your event. These can either be printed in company order or alphabetical.

Local Board Goals
The goals for each board are calculated by the total number of membership, which is based on dues billing as of April 1, 2017, then multiplied by $10. Contact: Debbie Dillon at dillon@ohiorealtors.org

Broker Involvement Program
Are you a broker owner or managing broker? Are you involved with NAR’s Broker Involvement Program? This dynamic program provides you, the broker-owner, with a quick and effective tool to rally your agents on critical legislative issues affecting our industry. The Broker Involvement Program offers you many opportunities to keep the American Dream of Home Ownership alive. Staff Contact: Peg Ritenour ritenour@ohiorealtors.org.

How RPAC Works…
OhioFlagButtonFinancial assistance is contributed to the campaigns of individuals running for state, local and national office after a thorough review of the candidate’s background and position on issues of particular concern to property owners and the real estate professional.

Input is received from Local Boards and individual members before contributions are made. All funding decisions for State House or Senate candidates are made by the RPAC Trustees. Local Boards may request money for local candidates out of their Local Board Entitlement. Most boards receive a portion of the money they raise for RPAC back for use in local campaigns. The RPAC Trustees also make recommendations to NAR on contribution for federal candidates.

Staff contact: Carrie Arblaster (carrie@ohiorealtors.org) Shauna Brown–brown@ohiorealtors.org; Debbie Dillon–dillon@ohiorealtors.org