Ohio Issues Mobilization

Ohio Issues Mobilization Committee Guidelines…

Introduction…Issues Mobilization Fund – The Issues Mobilization Fund was created as a means of promoting the free enterprise system and protecting private property rights by educating REALTORS and the general public about national, state and local issues which affect them. The Fund is administered by the Issues Mobilization Committee, which has the authority to provide financial resources in support of the REALTOR position on ballot measures, state and federal legislation, and local ordinances and regulations. The Committee also may assist Local Boards and OAR in forming and participating in coalitions with other groups who are supportive and committed to the REALTOR position on a particular issue. Staff contact: Scott Williams at williams@ohiorealtors.org

Committee Guidelines:

  1. The Issues Mobilization Request Form prescribed by OIMC must be completed by the Local Board/Association, or OAR committee and returned to OIMC along with a motion passed by the Board of Directors of the Local Board/Association requesting assistance.
  2. OIMC will only provide funding for those matters that are consistent with the policies of OAR, the action and decisions of OAR’s Board of Directors and the legislative and legal activities of OAR.
  3. Issues to be funded must be of statewide significance to the real estate industry or policies which, if adopted on a statewide basis, would have a significance impact on the real estate industry or REALTOR position.
  4. Participation and dollars allocated by the Local Board/Association will be considered but not required, in determining whether, and to what extent, particular issues will be funded.
  5. Those organizations seeking general contributions with regard to a particular issue shall submit a budget, with sufficient detail to allow for evaluation, which justifies the amount of the contribution requested. To the extent that actual expenses have been incurred, those expenses shall appear in, and be noted in the budget. The Local Board/Association must include all receipts of any expenses incurred as documentation prior to the OIMC reimbursement.
  6. The participation of OIMC will be limited to those policies and issues in which its participation can have a tangible effect or which will benefit future issues or a similar nature.
  7. Consideration will be given to the groups, elected officials and local leaders who have already taken positions on the policy or issue or who will be effected by the participation of OIMC.
  8. Those organizations requesting a contribution which is to be spent over a period of six (6) months shall periodically submit a report to the OIMC on the nature and developments of the issues campaign. Such a report shall also include a discussion/analysis of the goals and accomplishments of the campaign to date.

Legal Expenses – OIMC may provide funding for the cost of Legal expenses incurred in connection with research or analysis of a particular issue provided that the following procedures are followed by OAR and the Local

The Local Board/Association shall contact OAR Public Policy/Legal staff or and indicate why legal research or analysis is needed in regard to the issue.

The Local Board/Association shall provide to OAR copies of the proposed ordinance or regulation and any available documents related to the issue.

The Local Board/Association shall complete the Request Form provided by OIMC and submit it to their district representative of the OIMC and to OAR.

OIMC may fund the cost of legal expenses if it is determined that such services are necessary prior to member mobilization or negotiations with governmental officials on the related issue.

OIMC shall consider its Guidelines in determining whether and to what extent, to fund legal expenses or in fact may refer the Legal questions on issues to the Ohio Legal Action Committee for their review.

OIMC will not fund a request that has any type of court action pending which could affect or impede the final outcome, either negatively or positively of the issue.

OIMC is vested with the authority to approve funding requests which do not exceed 10% of the current balance of the Ohio Issues Mobilization Fund. In the event a funding request exceeds the 10% of the current balance of the Ohio Issues Mobilization Fund and is approved by the OIMC, such approval must also receive subsequent approval by the OAR Executive Committee.