MRP Accomplishments

From grant programs for housing opportunity classes, to polling tools to gauge voter opinions on key issues, to campaign resources to support REALTOR champions for public office, My REALTOR Party is designed to help each association be successful in its unique advocacy and community outreach efforts.

Every REALTOR Association can do something to improve the political environment or community in which your area does business. My REALTOR Party will helps us do this.

Below is a video of the entire session and all back-up materials provided.

For questions, please contact OAR’s Carrie Arblaster (


  1. Introduction of My REALTOR Party
  2. Independent Expenditures
  3. Community Involvement/Smart Growth Grants
  4. RPAC Fundraising Grants
  5. Issues Mobilization Grants


  1. Menu of Services
  2. Grant Money Available
  3. MRP Contact Information
  4. Expenditures
  5. Talking Points
  6. FAQs