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Ohio REALTORS is excited to join together with the Dayton REALTORS and the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS in sponsoring the Xplode Marketing & Technology Conference! Act now…enter discount code “FIREPOWER” and save $37!

March 19 — 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. — Marriott at the University of Dayton

The Xplode Conference is the real estate industry’s longest-running event series focused solely on REALTOR success. This one-day conference brings together the industry’s best speakers and ideas, and helps agents hone their business skills, technology prowess and lead conversion abilities. Each conference is fast-paced, and is packed with actionable concepts you can immediately put to work in your business. If you’re looking to optimize your website, put together an effective content marketing program, incorporate video into your marketing mix, acquire new clients through predictive marketing or simply see what’s on the technology horizon, Xplode delivers.

Every Xplode conference is sponsored by a major real estate association, multiple listing service and a selection of the finest technology and financial companies in real estate. Our content is fluff-free and practical, and 98 percent of our attendees say that they would recommend our event to a colleague, and plan to attend again. Each full-day conference includes presentations from more than a dozen speakers, and our attendees say that our speakers deliver some of the most cutting-edge, yet practical, insights in the business. Xplode is all about what’s current — and what will help you succeed. Whether you’re a brand new agent, or a veteran with a thousand transactions under your belt, Xplode can help you transform your business.

CLICK HERE to register for this exciting conference — enter discount code “FIREPOWER” and save $37!

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Spencer Gross joins Ohio REALTORS Public Policy team

Spencer GrossSpencer Gross has joined the Ohio REALTORS Public Policy Group as Director, Local Government Affairs, working as a liaison with Local Boards/Associations and governmental entities to advance the interests of REALTORS and property owners.

Gross most recently served as Deputy Director of Legislative and Policy Affairs for the Treasurer of State, where he engaged in lobbying efforts on issues including local government investment authority and financial institution regulations. He was also responsible for generating local government involvement in OhioCheckbook.com, a nationally recognized and award-winning transparency program. Gross previously served as Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives and has also worked on numerous state, congressional, and presidential campaigns.

Gross graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Miami University.

Spencer is a member of the Athletic Club of Columbus and German Village Society. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Holly, and their dog, Ruby. He also enjoys exercising and playing golf and squash.

Ohio REALTORS, with more than 32,000 members, is the largest professional trade association in Ohio.

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Exclusive Ohio REALTOR webinar: How to get the most out of the new tax law!

free webinar

Regardless of what you think about it, we have had major changes to the tax law. And savvy entrepreneurs understand that change creates opportunity. The new tax law was the biggest overhaul to the tax system in three decades and it has fundamentally changed the tax game for self-employed people.

The media is mostly talking about changes to the tax rates and the personal deductions. But, they have largely ignored the details for small business. And there are some monumental changes that will affect you. If you don’t know what is in this law, then you won’t get the savings you deserve. In fact, if you don’t take action now, you might just lose.

Ohio REALTORS are encourage to participate in an exclusive webinar with former IRS attorney, Sandy Botkin, on March 7 at noon

You can’t afford to wait for your accountant to teach you about this. Because, your accountant is about to enter the busy season for filing 2017 taxes. They don’t have time to learn all the nuances of the new tax code let alone teach it, until after April 15th. By then you might have missed out on some deductions.  There are a lot of myths about the new tax code, come learn what is fact versus fiction, such as:

  • How the rules of the game has changed;
  • How the vehicle rules have changed for the better and how you can take advantage of them;
  • Which widely used deduction is gone, and how you can still benefit;
  • Why educating yourself and keeping track of your expenses and mileage is more important than ever before;
  • Why adapting to the rules of the game can help you win in the game of tax;
  • And much more!

Your instructor on the webinar will be Sandy Botkin, one of the co-founders of Taxbot. Sandy is a CPA and a tax attorney. He used to work for the IRS training other tax attorneys on the tax code.

Click here to reserve your seat for this special webinar!

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Meet the 2018 Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy class

2018 Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy

The Ohio REALTORS 2018 Leadership Academy class (seated, from left): Brian Whitta, Monica Bess, session facilitator Marilou Butcher Roth, and Jan Jedlinsky. (Back row, from left): Kyle Oberlin, Sarah Ford, Maura Schmitt, Dennis Hitchcock, Sarah Martie, Jo-Ann McFearin, Kathy Shiflet, Jennifer Allen, and Tricia Tennyson.


By Tiffany Meyer, Ohio REALTORS President

The Ohio REALTORS is pleased to announce the 12-member 2018 Leadership Academy class. These REALTORS embarked on an intense self discovery program focused on goal-setting, communication, business relationships and personal growth. Congratulations to:

Jennifer Allen, Lake & Geauga Area Association of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Staying on top of the legal changes happening continually in the real estate market is something most agents either have no idea is important or relevant to what they are doing, yet they can be impacted greatly.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Outreach to the many new agents joining the market. Providing them with the information on self improvement, education, services offered, what the membership even means.”

Monica Bess, Heartland Board of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Advertising and marketing that gives real estate professionals exclusive use.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Consistent REALTOR professionalism within the active field of real estate.”

Sarah Ford, Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Technology. With more and more tech savvy consumers and the abundance of information on the Internet, there could be less need for agents.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Inconsistency in the mindset of agents. Some agents don’t understand or practice the ethical standards we REALTORS adhere to.”

Dennis Hitchcock, Guernsey Muskingum Valley Association of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Convincing home sellers who insist on trying to overprice their home to accept a realistic competitive market analysis approach.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Not having licensed home inspectors.”

Jan Jedlinsky, Columbus REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “How can we do a better job of communicating the value of using a REALTOR in a real estate transaction — someone who will ethically and professionally take clients through every step of the transaction…always looking out for their best interest.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “How do we more effectively raise the professionalism of members.”

Sarah Martie, Columbus REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “We don’t know what we don’t know. The path to getting your real estate license is relatively simple. In as little as three weeks you could go from having zero knowledge in the real estate industry to having marginally more with no ‘street smarts.’ Pass a test and voila! You are now qualified to guide people through the biggest monetary transaction most of them will make in their lives. After three weeks and a test are any of us truly qualified to take on such a task? Perhaps some are, I wasn’t. In an environment where every technology group seems to be vying for a piece of the real estate market and professionalism is always a concern I believe that increasing agents’ knowledge about the intricacies of the sale and purchase process is vitally important. The fact of the matter is that we don’t know what we don’t know and that can be dangerous and expensive to all parties. Columbus REALTORS has implemented a Certified Mentor Designation and I think that is an amazing idea. I believe that I have learned more from my conversations with seasoned agents, from attending REALTOR events such as NAR conferences and local board events, from masterminds and networking than I EVER could have learned from a three week-long class. I also realize that none of us can ever stop learning. There is too much to know and the role of a REALTOR is always evolving and changing. Perhaps we need more mentorship or possibly on-the-job training hours to help us remind us all of the magnitude of our role and the importance of knowledge.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge:“Increased REALTOR knowledge and contribution to legislation in Ohio.”

Jo-Ann McFearin, Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Agent professionalism — overcoming the public perception that we lack training and competency especially with all the online resources available. We need to demonstrate that we are highly trained professionals and that we bring value before, during and after the sale. Newer agents need more ‘real world’ real estate training to be prepared for challenges they will encounter and to best represent our industry. Among REALTORS there is a need to improve working relationships and respect.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Increase member involvement. We need to impress new and seasoned agents on the value and benefits of being involved locally, and/or on a state and national level. It is never too late to get involved and help make a difference in our industry. We need to help fellow agents see where and how they can make a difference possibly by specifically asking them to fill a position, or inviting them to come to an event, etc. There needs to be greater engagement on the brokerage level to encourage agent involvement in Ohio REALTORS.”

Kyle Oberlin, Stark County Association of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Ever-changing legislation at both the state and federal level that alters the tax code in a way that negatively affects the real estate industry.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Political polarization.”

Maura Schmitt, Dayton REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Teams and the way they are marketing and how they’re recognized. I believe the general public is somewhat confused with the concept of teams and the difference between the team and the actual brokerage. Many teams fall under an individual’s name and when marketing often times the team showcases the success rate of the said agent the team is named after. Not to mention the amount of client’s who are under the impression that they’ll specifically be engaged with the said agent. For individual agents who do no operate as a team, I believe this eludes to an unfair advantage when advertising success rates.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Newer and millennial agents who are in their 30’s don’t understand what this organization brings to the table to help them. Especially deciphering the the automatic three memberships they receive when (becoming a REALTOR). Many brokers and Boards are offering special committees to try and capture this group, who will be a strong influence in our industry, but more work needs to be done. This group of agents, along with all newer agents, really need to understand the value and what this wonderful organization does for our industry.”

Kathy Shiflet, Columbus REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “The level of professionalism in agents. Some agents do what they think should be done and not check with other agents.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “Relevancy — most agents don’t understand how important our Association is to our profession.”

Tricia Tennyson, Columbus REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “(Outside listing aggregators) and other social media feeds. I’m an agent at an independent brokerage. We are currently being faced with our IDX feed being cut off. We are charged with finding an alternative solution to help the brokerages that still want to feed. There are a lot of feeds our MLS uses and feeds our IDX could use to further our business. What are they? How should they be handled? Is it in our best interest to feed or not?”

Brian Whitta, Heartland Board of REALTORS

Top Industry Challenge: “Professional courtesy is a problem I hear about across the country, and it seems to plague some markets more than others. It is easy to become wrapped up in ego instead of focusing upon what is right for the consumer. There are specific examples of how I have seen professional courtesy waning, and I feel we can do better.”

Top Ohio REALTORS Challenge: “We need to engage more members and provide opportunities for them to build stronger relationships.”

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It’s time to make home inspector licensure a reality in Ohio!

inspection report

By Scott Williams, Ohio REALTORS Vice President of Public Policy

The ongoing, industry-backed “Call For Action” has unified the voices of Ohio’s REALTOR community, members of the Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors, and consumers in urging lawmakers to pass House Bill 211, a measure designed to give home buyers confidence that the inspector they hire is trained to assess the property’s condition.

CLICK HERE to easily add your voice to the thousands of your industry peers that have already spoken up in support of this consumer protection legislation. Additionally, if you’d like involve your buyers, friends and family members in this important effort, click here to access a consumer page that has been created!

Creating a statewide licensure system for home inspectors has long been a top priority of Ohio REALTORS and HB 211 is a critical step forward to ensure oversight of the last remaining unregulated component of the home buying process. In short, the measure ensures that a regulatory board will adopt minimum standards, conduct examinations, establish ongoing education and provide consumers the opportunity to have complaints addressed.

CLICK HERE to help ensure consumers are protected when making what is likely the largest financial transaction they will make in their lifetime!

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