Ohio REALTORS strengthen political voice with remarkable RPAC support in 2014

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The OAR Board of Directors honored a number of Local Boards/Associations for excellence in support of the industry’s REALTORS Political Action Committee campaign in 2014. Pictured is the Akron Cleveland Association’s Karen O’Donnell (center), which swept all four categories in its division — total dollars raised, per capita, percent of participation and the overall excellence award. Presenting the plaques is 2014 RPAC Trustee Chair Rick DeLuca (left) and Phil Morrical, III, chair of the Political Activity & RPAC Fundraising Committee.


Members of the Ohio Association of REALTORS made investments of more than $729,000 to the REALTORS Political Action Committee in 2014, helping to strengthen the profession’s voice at all levels of government. “Whether it’s at City Hall or on Capitol Hill, REALTORS lead the fight for private property rights.” said Phil Morrical, III, 2014 chair of the OAR Political Activity & RPAC Fundraising Committee. “RPAC is critical in ensuring that we support candidates empathetic to the policies of concern to real estate professionals and property owners. I can’t thank our membership enough for the remarkable support they gave this important cause throughout the past year.”

OAR’s Board of Directors honored the following Boards/Associations for their overall accomplishments during 2014: Akron Cleveland, Toledo, Medina County, Warren Area and Ashland. Additionally, Directors recognized Columbus REALTORS and the Cincinnati Area Board for their tremendous support of the RPAC program.

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Your Association: A full agenda to start 2015

Greg Hrabcak, 2015 president of the Ohio Association of REALTORS, and CEO Bob Fletcher discuss the key issues currently being addressed by the organization, including: legislative action at the Ohio State House, home sales activity, a recap of the Winter Conference and the ongoing effort to help Local Boards/Associations comply with NAR’s Core Standards requirements.

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Ohio housing market experiences rising prices & stable sales activity in 2014

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By Carl Horst, OAR Director of Publications/Media Relations

The Ohio housing marketplace continued to establish a solid foundation in 2014, as sales nearly matched the activity level of 2013 and average prices posted a 5 percent gain, according to the Ohio Association of REALTORS.

Homes sales finished 2014 with a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 127,399, a slight 1.3 percent decrease from the 2013 year-end rate of 129,108. The average sales price across Ohio in 2014 reached $149,210, a 5 percent increase from the $142,135 mark posted during 2013.

“It’s evident that the Ohio housing market has not only regained its footing, but that we’ve rebuilt a solid foundation that is able to withstand any minor variances that may arise due to current market factors,” said OAR President Greg Hrabcak. “The re-emergence of a traditional, stable housing sector is a welcomed development for current and would-be homeowners.”

Sales in December reached a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 129,724, a negligible 0.9 percent decrease from the 130,842 level posted last month. The market experienced a 3.1 percent increase in sales from December 2013’s seasonally adjusted annual rate of 125,795. Sales during December 2014 reached the highest level for the month since 2006.

December’s average home price of $145,655 reflects a 4 percent increase from the $140,038 mark posted in December 2013.

Around the state, 14 of the 20 markets tracked reported increases in sales activity levels during the month. All but seven local markets showed an increase in average sale price compared to December 2013.

Home sales during the fourth quarter of 2014 were up sharply from the first three quarters of the year, as well as compared to the three-month period in 2013. Specifically, fourth quarter 2014’s seasonally adjusted annual rate reached 135,317, a 4.6 percent increase from the third quarter mark of 129,319 and up 6.7 percent from the fourth quarter 2013 rate of 126,790. Total dollar volume in 2014 reached more than $19.5 billion, a 3.5 percent increase from the 2013 level of nearly $18.9 billion.

Data provided to OAR by Multiple Listing Services includes residential closings for new and existing single-family homes and condominiums/co-ops. The Ohio Association of REALTORS, with more than 28,000 members, is the largest professional trade association in Ohio.

Click here to view OAR’s seasonally adjusted Ohio home sales report. To access a market-by-market analysis of sales activity throughout Ohio, click here.

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Coaching Corner: Is your time managing you?

By “Coach” Marilou Butcher Roth

This topic is always so interesting to me. Time Management — what the heck does that mean? Well, I think it means different things to different people. At this time of year, I see countless people creating plans and looking at how to “manage” their time in a more effective and productive way. Some plans work for some and not for others. We are all wired so differently that there is not, unfortunately, a master plan for all of us. Remember back when the Franklin-Covey system was the way to go? Now our computers assist us greatly with endless planning apps and programs.

We do want some control over our time to make our lives easier, and yet sometimes we choose a plan that creates even more work! So today, I am going with a “keep it simple” idea that may be something you can use to generate an easier feel to your schedule. This piece is geared to your projects. Your repetitive activities will remain the same.

  1. Make your master plan based on projects that need to happen. For example, you may want to begin a more consistent method of finding new business. Or, your information you leave at your listing consultations needs to be updated. Hmm, perhaps you need to purge your office.
  2. Get ready for action! This begins in February so its time to get rolling! Ask yourself what items you want to have completed in the month of February. Look at your master  list and determine the importance of each item on your list. You may find several that need to have your attention. Here is the thing — each project on your master list MUST be broken down into smaller chunks. Using the example of a more consistent method of finding new business, you may determine that in the month of February you want to identify WHO your target market is. This may be quick, depending on your direction. If so, you can add another step — WHERE you will find these people. If you have landed on a geographic farm for your WHO, you will need to complete your data base.
  3. Next step, break it down again. Choose a specific day of the week that you revisit your plan to see what small doable steps will be done for that week. Think consistency, not quantity! Do a little (or a lot if you are so moved) at a time. If you are cleaning your office, for example, do a drawer at a time. Please, keep it simple!!

This idea is certainly far from rocket science, however, it is a way to find your way through our lists, mental and otherwise that nag at us. My hope is that this will help some of you and if you feel it might but it doesn’t quite make sense, feel free to email me and I will get you over the hump!! Enjoy!


Marilou Butcher Roth is the owner of The MBR Group, a coaching and training company working primarily with REALTORS who have a desire to work and live from a more inspired place. She is also the Broker/Owner of Group REALTORS in Cincinnati.

Marilou is a member of the OAR Board of Directors and past chairman of the organization’s Communications Committee. Feel free to contact Marilou to see if coaching is right for you: Marilou@mbr-group.com


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NAR Chief Economist spotlights the recovering economy and its impact on real estate in Ohio & nation


Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS, gave Ohio’s REALTORS an overview of the economy and outlook for the housing sector during a presentation at OAR’s Winter Conference. Yun highlights how the economy in Ohio and across the nation is on the mend and what it will mean for the real estate industry moving forward.

Click here to view Yun’s power point slides.

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