Coaching Corner: Feeling overwhelmed?

By “Coach” Marilou Butcher Roth

Several conversations with clients this week have been around the feeling of overwhelm with the amount of work they have before them. Such a double-edged sword, isn’t it? We want the business and when it comes, it can create a whole new dilemma. Let’s see if we can break this down in short and simple terms because chances are if you are feeling overwhelmed, you won’t spend a lot of time reading blogs!

  1. Develop a mind set of ease, relaxation and simplicity. What are your overriding thoughts when you wake up in the morning? Is your first impulse to move quickly to get to the myriad of tasks that await you? If so, please DO NOT! Take a few moments and allow your body to adjust to the new day. Stretch, breath and set a clear intention of whatever quality feels best to you to permeate the day — you can use any or all of the ones above (ease, relaxation or simplicity) or you may have one that feels better to you.
  2. Sit down and really determine what MUST be done today. Part of the overwhelming feeling comes from what I call “mental clutter.” This part is self-imposed. As you go over your day, make the shortest list you can muster of your absolutes of the day and write them down. Another way to play with this is to write everything down that is hanging over your head and then highlight the ones that need to happen today. Actually, that is what has been working for me.
  3. Throughout the day, take brief moments to stretch, breathe and recommit to your intention. If new tasks present themselves, make the determination of when they need to happen and then stay on task with your original list.
  4. DO NOT work up until the moment you go to bed. Allow yourself at least a few minutes to relax, stretch and breathe. This is not time to watch the news or some violent TV show. This is your time to unwind from the day. If you can find 30 minutes that would be ideal, but I will take what I can get. Think about setting another intention for a sound, restful sleep, waking up in the morning ready for all of the wonderful activities you have before you.

There you go! Hopefully this will help create some ease within your busy schedule!


Marilou Butcher Roth is the owner of The MBR Group, a coaching and training company working primarily with REALTORS who have a desire to work and live from a more inspired place. She is also the Broker/Owner of Group REALTORS in Cincinnati.

Marilou is a member of the OAR Board of Directors and past chairman of the organization’s Communications Committee. Feel free to contact Marilou to see if coaching is right for you:


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Ohio REALTORS testify in support of a bill to require home inspector licensure

Ohio REALTORS tesifying

(Top left – Ohio REALTORS Treasurer Anjanette Frye; top right — President Pete Kopf; bottom left — President-elect Tiffany Meyer; bottom right – 2018 Treasurer Chris Reece)


By Scott Williams, Ohio REALTORS Vice President of Public Policy

Leadership of the Ohio REALTORS testified in front of the Ohio House of Representatives Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee this week in support of HB 211, sponsored by Rep. Jim Hughes (R-Columbus), to establish licensing of home inspectors.

Ohio REALTORS have long backed licensure of home inspectors, supporting recommendations of an industry-established Task Force on the issue that was approved in the mid-1990s.

“Home inspection is one of the last unregulated real estate industries,” said Ohio REALTORS President-elect Tiffany Meyer. She noted that 30 other states have some form of licensing or registration requirements. including the boarding states of Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

REALTORS are mindful that the standards for licensure remain attainable, so as to maintain adequate levels of professional inspectors.

“Licensing home inspectors will provide consumers with a basic level of protection,” said Ohio REALTOR President Pete Kopf. “More importantly, home buyers can have confidence the inspection that they will base their decision to invest their life’s saving on a property is a sound one.

“The home inspection report is often time the final factor in a consumer’s decision to purchase a property,” Kopf added.

Ohio REALTOR Treasurer Anjanette Frye stressed that the measure is sound consumer protection.

“The Ohio consumer is often unaware that home inspectors are not licensed in our state,” Frye testified. “Licensing requirements bring a high level of consistency to home inspection reporting and ensures the quality of each inspector by setting minimum standards.”

Chris Reece, who will serve as the organization’s Treasurer in 2018, concurred that HB 211 is sound consumer protection policy.

“Purchasing a home is often the largest financial transaction a person will ever make,” Reece said. “They, in part, base this decision on the home inspector’s assertion that the asset is sound. If the home inspector’s assessment is wrong, the homeowner may face thousands of dollars in repairs with no recourse against the inspector.

“With no license to suspend or revoke, or additional education to be required, anyone that calls themselves a home inspector can continue to practice in the field,” Reece added.

HB 211 will have a third hearing later this year. If approved by the Committee and full House, it will proceed to the Ohio Senate for its consideration in early 2018.

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Rate of Ohio home sales activity reaches record-breaking level in May

By Carl Horst, Ohio REALTORS Director of Publications/Media Relations

The rate of homes sold across Ohio in May reached a record-breaking level, increasing 3.4 percent from the rate posted during the month a year ago, according to Ohio REALTORS.

“Activity in the housing marketplace in May was brisk, as the rate of sales activity reached a best-ever level for the month since Ohio’s REALTORS began tracking data in 1998,” said Ohio REALTORS President Pete Kopf. “Additionally, we continued to see a healthy gain in the average sales price, evidence that housing is a solid, long-term investment.

“Ohio’s REALTOR community remains hopeful that we will begin to experience a rise in the number of homes being listed for sale so that we can continue to move the marketplace forward.”

May’s average home price of $176,804 reflects a 5.2 percent increase from the $168,074 mark posted during the month last year.

Sales in May reached a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 154,106, a 3.4 percent increase from the month’s previous best-ever level of 149,002 established during the month a year ago. The market experienced a 1.2 percent increase in sales from April’s seasonally adjusted annual rate of 152,322.

Around the state, 15 of the 18 markets tracked reported an uptick in average sales price. A total of 11 markets experienced an increase in sales activity.

Data provided to OAR by Multiple Listing Services includes residential closings for new and existing single-family homes and condominiums/co-ops. The Ohio Association of REALTORS, with more than 30,000 members, is the largest professional trade association in Ohio.

Click here to view OAR’s seasonally adjusted Ohio home sales report. To access a market-by-market analysis of sales activity throughout Ohio, click here.

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Have your ‘good deeds’ recognized…apply for the Ohio REALTORS 2017 Excellence in Community Service Award!

community service award concept

Have you made a positive difference in your community during the past year…one that has made it a better place to live, work and call home!  Or, perhaps, you know of a fellow REALTOR who should be recognized for their good deeds. If so, we’d like to invite you to participate in one of Ohio REALTORS most prestigious programs — the Excellence in Community Service Award. Click here to access the easy-to-complete application form!

The award program, established in 1995, honors Ohio REALTOR(s) who demonstrate outstanding participation in planning, implementing or volunteering in a local community service or housing needs project.

The honoree(s) will be recognized during the joint Ohio & Kentucky REALTORS Annual Convention & Expo, Sept. 24-27, in Cincinnati.

Last year, Sam Livingston of Medina County, was presented with the award his many efforts to improve the  in turning a personal tragedy into a loving, meaningful tribute.

Other recent recipients include:

For a complete list of recipients since 1995, click here.

Start the process toward receiving the recognition you deserve by clicking here to access the application form. NOTE: The deadline to apply is August 4.

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We Are Ohio REALTORS: Entrepreneurs

Ohio REALTORS is proud to present “Entrepreneurs,” part of its year-long video series celebrating the many attributes REALTORS possess. This video celebrates the important role REALTORS play in boosting our communities and advancing the American Dream .

This ground-breaking series is designed to showcase the unique professionalism, respect and admiration embodied within Ohio’s more than 31,000 real estate professionals. Click the links below to view past episodes of the “We Are Ohio REALTORS” professionalism series:

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