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Publication Descriptions:

OHIO REALTOR Magazine: Published 3x a year (February/August/December). Due to the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry and the time-factor of the articles published. You don’t need to remember what issue an article of interest appeared…or even what year…simply typing in a few words on articles of interest, a listing will appear of all documents that contain those words. If you need assistance finding information, please e-mail OHIO REALTOR Editor Nikki Gasbarro at

As space permits, will OHIO REALTOR editors publish articles from authors around the country. If you wish to submit an article please e-mail it to for consideration. Editors keep an archive of these articles and will occasionally publish them. Advertising accepted.

OAR Daily Buzz: Our blog. Updated daily will contain everything of interest to brokers, agents, commercial, appraisers, auctioneers. It’s our GO TO site. Advertising accepted.

eConnections (latest edition appears on home page): This electronic publication is sent every Monday. It contains information on all aspects of the real estate industry. It’s geared to brokers and agents, and residential and commercial practitioners. If you’re an OAR member and wish to receive this weekly publication, contact Nikki Arnold at Text advertising only, no display ads accepted.