We are Ohio REALTORS Video Series

Your Ohio Association of REALTORS is pleased to launch a ground-breaking, year-long video series in 2017, spotlighting the many attributes of a real estate professional. This is the introductory video of the series that is designed to give voice the very ideals that Ohio’s REALTORS aspire to in their day-to-day practice, as well as reinforce the importance of treating each other with respect and professionalism.

2018 Series

Opening Doors

Trusted Partners

Introductory Video

Video 1: Motivators

Video 2: Counselors

Video 3: Negotiators

Video 4: Advocates

Video 5: Ambassadors

Video 6: Entrepreneurs

Video 7: Market Experts

Video 8: Honesty & Integrity

Video 9: Leaders

Video 10: Community Service

Video 11: Educators

Video 12: Professionalism