Have a safe week, a safe year and a safe career (OR: Sept. 2009)

Think about your average workday. Some of the ordinary tasks you take for granted probably read like a list of “don’ts” for staying safe: Leading strangers around an unknown property… advertising that you will be alone in a vacant home on a Sunday afternoon… offering rides to strangers.

“I’m willing to bet that few real estate professionals think about all the potential dangers they face every day,” says Bob Goldberg, NAR’s Senior Vice President, Marketing, Business Development, and Commercial Services. “But every one of us can take some simple steps to ensure our safety on the job: Tell someone where you’re going. Meet new clients in your office. Trust your instincts.”

Start in September with REALTOR Safety Week

Knowledge. Awareness. Empowerment. These are the core components of REALTOR Safety. They also comprise the theme of the REALTOR organization’s latest efforts to raise awareness about safety for our members.

The sixth annual REALTOR Safety Week–which is celebrated throughout Ohio and the nation–falls on September 13–19 this year. This is the perfect time to start focusing on best practices for ensuring your personal safety as well as your clients’ safety, home and office safety, and more.

and Make a Year-round Commitment to Staying Safe

Although observing REALTOR Safety Week is a great way to kick off awareness of these issues, we encourage you to continue to build your safety awareness throughout the year. Your REALTOR organization is dedicated to providing the information and materials that you need to learn how to stay safe. Among the resources that are available to you:

• A completely revamped safety Web site at REALTOR.org/Safety
• New webinars on REALTOR Safety each quarter, presented by experts. The first in the series, ‘Safety at Open Houses,’ will be held September 14 and led by Andrew Wooten. Check online for details.
• Quarterly safety messages focusing on seasonal tips for on the job and at home, e-mailed and posted online.
• 100-packs of the REALTOR Safety Tips Wallet Card, safety publications and more, are available at cost as part of NAR’s Right Tools, Right Now initiative. Visit www.REALTOR.org/Store to view and purchase these and other safety-related publications and products.

Remember: You can greatly reduce the risks you face as a REALTOR by simply knowing the dangers you face every day, being aware of your surroundings, and empowering yourself with precautions and preparations so that you can avoid risky situations.
Your Association wants to help you, your co-workers, and REALTORS everywhere be safe on the job. Let’s all work together to stay safe. For additional information, tips, office forms and more, visit www.REALTOR.org/Safety.

Source: NAR