REALTOR of the Year Rules, Eligibility

Selection of the 2017 OAR REALTOR of the Year


DEADLINE: REALTOR of the Year nominee applications must be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service by June 1, 2017.

NOMINATION FORM:  The official current year’s form must be used and signed by the Board President and/or Executive Officer/Secretary.  A photograph of the Board’s REALTOR of the Year can be attached within the on-line application, sent or e-mailed to OAR.  No scrapbooks can be accepted.  If you have a letter of endorsement from the Local Board Executive Officer/Secretary or Board President may submit it by attaching the file with your application submission or mail it to the attention of Stacey Dawson, 200 E. Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215 or email it to

BASIS OF SELECTION:  In selecting the OAR REALTOR of the Year, the following categories will be considered:

  • Local Board Activity – 30 points
  • State Association Activity – 35 points
  • National Association Activity – 5 points
  • Civic Activity – 15 points
  • Business and Educational Experience – 15 points

Please note:  Previous recipients of the OAR REALTOR of the Year award are ineligible to receive the award a second time.

SELECTION COMMITTEE:  The OAR REALTOR of the Year will be named from among the Local Board nominees, by a committee consisting of one appointee named by each of the 10 District Vice Presidents.

The Selection Committee will review all applications postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service by June 1 and will select the OAR REALTOR of the Year based on the criterion outlined above.

PRESENTATION:  Each Board’s nominee will be a guest of the Association at the Opening Session of the Annual Convention.  Each nominee will be announced to the audience as their image is projected on a screen. Each nominee will receive their mounted certificate as the Local Board REALTOR of the Year…  The OAR REALTOR of the Year will be presented with an engraved plaque.  OAR will publicize the winner through the media.