Code of Regulations Provision: Article V, Section 5.3

Statement of Purpose

The Scholarship Committee reports to the Professional Development Committee and makes recommendations to the Ohio REALTOR Charitable Fund Trustees. Its primary purpose is to review candidates for the Ohio REALTORS Charitable & Educational Foundation and OSU Scholarship awards.

List of Programs

  • Interview Applicants for Ohio REALTORS/OSU Scholarships
  • Review Applicants for Charitable Foundation Scholarship Awards
  • Scholarship Directory (website)

Yearly Objectives

  • Communicate scholarship award recipients to the membership via news releases, the OHIO REALTOR and social media.
  • Update the Scholarship application so that it can be completed and submitted on-line interactively.
  • Include the Charitable Fund brochure available on the website
  • Enhance relationships with colleges and Universities that have the minimum standards for the Ohio Realtor Charitable and Educational Foundation Scholarship opportunities.

Chair: Jeanie Bates
Vice Chair: Jerri Florio
EC Liaison: Dave Cook
Staff Liaison: Garry Moon

Tim Cocanour – 12/31/18
Mike Ross – 12/31/18
Jason Hilliard – 12/31/18
Jean Bates – 12/31/18
Ali Whitley – 12/31/19
Jill Rudler – 12/31/19
Jerri Florio – 12/31/19
Georgiana Nye – 12/31/19
Kathy Shiflet – 12/31/20
Vacant – 12/31/20
Vacant – 12/31/20
Vacant – 12/31/20