Residential Property Managment & Investment

The objective of the forum is to provide opportunities for members who engage in property management activities to share information on practices, procedures and applicable Ohio law that will contribute to a higher level of competency and professionalism in this area of specialization. The format of the forum may include guest speakers, open discussion or roundtables on specific issues.


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Chair: Allan Pintner
Vice Chair: Dawn Arheit
EC Liaison: Lenny Lawrence
Staff Liaison: Lorie Garland

Donna A. Baldwin, GRI
Leslie A. Besl, EO, CC
Karen Michelle Bostwick, CC
Marque Bressler, CC
Christopher Lloyd Conant, CC
David W. Freitag, CEO, CC
David K. Galbreath, Jr., CRB, CC
Emily J. Kozlik, CC
John E. Kurlich, CEO, CC
Jan N. Leverett
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS, CC
Kimberlee A. McClellan, CC
Susan Rae McCollister
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI, CC
Philip O. Morrical, III, CC
John W. Myers, Jr., GRI
Gerard P. O’Neil
Erin D. Osstifin, GRI, CC
Richard J. Piraino
Paul C. Renwick, CRS
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Danielle Nicole Wedemeyer, CC
Lisa Yelichek, CC
Jay R. Zollars, CC