Research Advisory

The committee was created in 2001 to oversee the implementation of the research objective included in the Ohio REALTORS Strategic Plan. Also to focus on the real estate industry, specific to Ohio, in identifying topics on which research and information is needed to improve the performance of REALTORS, REALTOR firms and Local Boards/Associations.


List of Programs

  • Ohio MLS Housing Data
  • Member Surveys
  • Program and Product Satisfaction Surveys
  • Board/Association Surveys
  • Member Boards/Associations Profile
  • NAR Home Buyers & Sellers Profile (Piggyback to get Ohio specific profiles)
  • OHIO REALTOR confidence monthly survey
  • Ohio Pending Home Sales Index


  • Seek out research ideas to support the above two objectives.
  • Utilize the Strategic Planning Committee as a resource for research ideas.
  • Request funding from the Division to fund piggybacking on NAR’s 2013Home Buyers & Sellers Profile.
  • Discuss research project ideas to submit to the Division.
  • Begin seasonally adjusting Ohio’s MLS housing data and Pending Home Sales Index.
  • Explore methods to increase member participation & attendance at future Conventions

Chair: Melissa Utterback
EC Liaison: Joann Amos
Staff Liaison: Greg Stitz

Dirck Everhart — 12/31/18
Nancy Farkas– 12/31/18
Tim Heinz– 12/31/18
Sue Filipovich — 12/31/18
Michael Martin – 12/31/19
Melissa Utterback – 12/31/19
Kent Hilty – 12/31/19
Terry Hankner – 12/31/19
Sheila Crane – 12/31/19
Vacant – 12/31/18
Vacant – 12/31/18
Vacant – 12/31/18

EO Appointments
Lisa Yelichek – 12/31/18
Jennifer Zeller – 12/31/18