Professional Standards

To facilitate discussion, awareness and understanding of professional standards-related issues. The Forum provides a vehicle through which participants can share and seek information relevant to those who administer or participate as a volunteer in enforcement of the Code of Ethics or Arbitration, Mediation and Ombudsman services. The Forum will also:

1) stimulate interest in mediation as the strategy-of-choice for resolving monetary disputes between (among) real estate professionals;

2) introduce members to its “win-win” benefits through creative local promotions; and

3) enhance mediators’ applied skills by sharing tactical tips and techniques.

List of Programs

  • Customized Training for Local Boards/Associations
  • Grievance & Prof. Standards Committee Personnel
  • Association Administrators (local)
  • Mediators (volunteer)

2018 Conferences & Convention Programming Ideas

  • What is an Ombudsman and an Ombudsman Panel sharing experiences with possibly a mock ombudsman conversation (Spring Legislative Conference)
  • What is Mediation, possibly a panel and a mock mediation (Convention)

Chair: Fred Troyer
Vice Chair: Georgiana Nye
EC Liaison: Fred Troyer
Staff Liaison: Sharon Sample, RCE

Joann E. Amos
Lisa Arzate
Gerilynn B. Baker, CC
Deborah L. Barber, ABR,CRS
Jessica J. Beatty, CC
Joanne Berardi
Leslie A. Besl, EO
Timothy J. Cocanour, ABR,GRI,MRP
Stan E. Collins, RCE
Robert L. Colvin
Judy C. Conklin, SRES, ABR, CC
Daryl A. Dunn
Brittany L.B. Eddy, CC
Merilyn Kay Edwards
Kathy Elliott
Nancy S. Eubanks, ABR
Dirck A. Everhart
Stephen R. Ferrebee, CC
Beth A. Fisher
Megan Foos, , RCE
Ora Forusz, CRS, GRI
Charles W. Foster, CRB, GRI
David W. Freitag, RCE,CEO, CC
David K. Galbreath, Jr., CRB, CC
Sharon L. Geier, CC
Janet A. Gommel
Megan A. Good, CC
Sandra K. Green
Deborah K. Hafner
Alec H. Hagerty, ABRM
Darrell G. Harris
Carla Jean Herbert, CC
Andrew Michael Hersey, CC
Kristen L. Hess-Winters, GRI
Kent E. Hilty, GRI
James H. Hinton, CC
Garrick M. Horton, CC
Alex Morgan Johnson
Penny J. Kice
Brenda Lee Kilburn, CC
Young H. Kim, CRS
Sondra R. King
Emily J. Kozlik, CC
John E. Kurlich, CEO
Sandra K. LoCascio
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS
Kimberlee A. McClellan
Susan Rae McCollister, CC
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI
Mary E. Mizen- Bruce, GSA
Joseph C. Mock
Brent T. Moore, CRS
Barbara S. Murray, RCE
Amy L. Nitzschke, CC
Judith F. Patriski, CRS,PMN, CC
Veronica L. Ramos
Paul C. Renwick, CRS
Anita J. Ricketts, CRS
Melinda S. Roberts
Amy Scott, EO
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Stephanie Sudbrack-Busam, CRS, GRI
Mark A. Sullivan, ABR, CC
Benita J. Wenzler
Brian J. Whitta, GRI,ABR
Lisa Yelichek, RCE
Jennifer Zeller
Deborah J. Zeren, ABR, GRI, CC
Joanne Zettl, CRS