To facilitate discussion, awareness and understanding of MLS-related issues and trends. The Forum provides an interactive setting in which participants can share and seek information relevant to those who manage or participate in a Multiple Listing Service.

List of Programs

  • Promotion of concepts of shared and regionalized services for multiple listing services and for keybox systems, e.g. reciprocal agreements, shared platforms, consolidation, and/or administration

2018 Conference & Convention programs/discussions

  • How NAR Policy 7.42 is affecting MLSs or not (Spring Legislative Conference)
  • MLS Consolidation (Kevin McQueen)

Chair: Dave Freitag, RCE
Vice Chair: Laurie Johnson
EC Liaison: Fred Troyer
Staff Liaison: Sharon Sample, RCE

James L. Abele, RCE
Peter C. Alex
Gerilynn B. Baker
Joanne Berardi, CC
Leslie A. Besl, EO, CC
David P. Bissler
James H. Camp
Stan E. Collins, RCE, CC
Christopher Lloyd Conant, CC
Bryan Dean
Thomas A. Dile
Merilyn Kay Edwards, CC
Marian K. Everhart, CC
Stephen R. Ferrebee
Beth A. Fisher, CC
Megan Foos, , RCE
Charles W. Foster, CRB, GRI, CC
Andrew R. Gaebelein
Dana M. Garrett
Janet A. Gommel
Deborah K. Hafner
Stan A. Hartke
Edward V. Hazners, GRI
Andrew Michael Hersey
James H. Hinton
Sharon A. Hoffee
Sharon Hubbard
Jan A. Jedlinsky, CC
Alex Morgan Johnson
Young H. Kim, CRS
John E. Kurlich, CEO
David Earl Lahmers, Sr.
Kim D. Leeper, CC
Milton O. Lustnauer, CRS
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS, CC
Joey W. Marino, III, CC
Anthony Wesley May
Brent T. Moore, CRS
Barbara S. Murray, RCE
John W. Myers, Jr., GRI
Gerard P. O’Neil
Jeffrey L. Owens
Anita J. Ricketts, CRS
Sara E. Riesen, CC
Charlene Roberge, GRI
Amy Scott, EO, CC
Andrew P. Show, Jr, CSP
Shaun Thomas Simpson
Corey Skinner, RCE, CC
Brent Swander, CC
Steven R. Weiser, GRI
Annette Lee Wilcox
Joanne Zettl, CRS, CC