To maintain contact with state elected officials which assists the Association in the support or opposition of legislation on behalf of REALTORS and private property owners in Ohio. The committee discusses legislation being considered in the Ohio House and Senate. Encourages REALTORS to take an active role in the political process at the state and local levels through numerous political participation programs designed to promote or oppose candidates or issues.

List of Programs

  • Consult Ohio REALTOR Legal Counsel for Amendments, Research and Analysis
  • Legislative Committee Deliberations
  • Monitor Legislation
  • OAR Legislative Conference
  • Recommend Public Policy Positions

Chair: John Mangas
Vice Chair & EC Liaison: Gloria Cannon
Staff Liaison: Scott Williams

Jennifer L. Allen
Joann E. Amos
Lisa Arzate
Deborah L. Barber, ABR,CRS
Cliff Bellar
Karen Bodey, EO, CC
Bonnie J. Boyd, ABR CRS GRI
Marque Bressler
Marilou A. Butcher-Roth
James H. Camp
Timothy J. Cocanour, ABR,GRI,MRP, CC
Michelle L. Collins, CC
Stan E. Collins, RCE, CC
Robert L. Colvin
David E. Cook, GRI
Rick A. DeLuca
Heather Cameron Dunn
Brittany L.B. Eddy
Merilyn Kay Edwards, CC
Nancy S. Eubanks, ABR
Jeremy James Fennell
Stephen R. Ferrebee
Ora Forusz, CRS, GRI
Charles W. Foster, CRB, GRI
David K. Galbreath, Jr., CRB
Sharon L. Geier, CC
Benjamin H.D. Gommel
Sandra K. Green, CC
Deborah K. Hafner
Alec H. Hagerty, ABRM
Jonathan M. Hall, GAA
Mary T. Hankner, GRI
Andrew Michael Hersey
James H. Hinton, CC
Kevin Michael Jordan
Penny J. Kice
Young H. Kim, CRS, CC
John E. Kurlich, CEO, CC
Barbara B. Lach, CRS
Sandra K. LoCascio
Lynda S. Long, CRS,CRB
Sue Lusk-Gleich, CRS
John J. Lynch
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS
Michael Lee Martin
Douglas R. McCloud, CRS
Hugh L. McDonough
Jamie McMillen
Kelly A. Meyer
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI
Larry P. Mitchell
Joseph C. Mock
Brent T. Moore, CRS, CC
Heather Marie Moran
Philip O. Morrical, III
Robert H. Morrison
Barbara S. Murray, RCE, CC
John W. Myers, Jr., GRI
Ted Oatts, GRI
Jeffrey L. Owens, CC
Kenneth L. Parchman
Leonard A. Partin, CRB
Judith F. Patriski, CRS,PMN
Richard J. Piraino
Mary L. Pollock
Mark Quarry
Paul C. Renwick, CRS
Sara E. Riesen
Amy Scott, EO
Scott W Simms
Cerenna Lea Solecki
Tim L. Stanford
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Donna R. Steutermann
Brent Swander
Frederick L. Troyer
Sue A. Van Woerkom, CC
Guy T. Wesselkamper
James M. West, CRB
Alasandra M. Whitley, ABR,e-Pro
Brian J. Whitta, GRI,ABR
Annette Lee Wilcox
Joyce A. Willson
Lisa Yelichek
Deborah J. Zeren, ABR, GRI
Joanne Zettl, CRS