Legislative Steering

The Legislative Steering Committee reports to the Enlarged Legislative Committee and Executive Committee. The committee shall be composed of 24 members (including the Chairman and Vice Chairman); 13 members shall serve staggered 3 year terms and the following members shall serve one-year terms on the committee: Chairman of RPAC Trustees Committee; Chairman of RPAC Fundraising/Political Affairs Committee; RPIC Chairman; Chairman of Local Government Forum (automatically serves as Vice Chair of the Legislative Steering Committee); A member specializing in C/I activities; An appraiser; Chairman of the Legal Action Committee; One Local Board Chief Executive Officer; Immediate Past Chairman of the Legislative Steering Committee and an auctioneer. Its primary purpose is to review current legislation and make position recommendations thereon.

List of Programs

  • Consult Ohio REALTORS Legal Counsel for Amendments, Research and Analysis
  • Monitor Legislation
  • Recommend Positions on Public Policy
  • Monitor the state budget projections and anticipate any subsequent legislative responses as necessary
  • Issues Mobilization Fund

Chair: John Mangas
Vice Chair & EC Liaison: Gloria Cannon
Staff Liaison: Scott Williams

Mark Dolezal – 12/31/18
Ted Oatts – 12/31/18
John Mangas – 12/31/18
Suzie Roselius – 12/31/19
Joann Zettl – 12/31/19
Terry Hankner – 12/31/19
James Boyd – 12/31/19
Heather Dunn – 12/31/19
Gwen Ritchie – 12/31/19
Gloria Cannon – 12/31/19
Mic Gordon – 12/31/20
Michelle Billings – 12/31/20
Vacant — 12/31/20

1 year appointments
CI Specialist: Jim Geyer
Appraiser: Bob Miller
Auctioneer: Mike Kennedy
EO Appointee: Barb Murray
Immediate Past Chair: Seth Task
Legal Action Committee Chair: Kevin Kelly
Local Government Forum Chair: Gloria Cannon
RPAC Fundraising Chair: Lisa Stewart
RPAC Trustees Chair: Chris Hall
RPIC Chair: