Legal Action

Policy Manual Provision

Committee Policy 79B

The Legal Action Committee reports to the Executive Committee. The Committee’s primary purpose is to evaluate requests for assistance from the Legal Action Fund to determine if a case involves issues of significant to the Association, local Boards, members, or the protection of private property rights. The Committee shall also communicate legal information of general interest to members and Local Boards.

List of Programs

  • White Papers regarding Legal Matters
  • Monitor Legal Action Fund
  • Consider & Monitor Requests for Legal Assistance
  • Brokerage Attorneys & Local Board Attorney Roundtables


  • Identify new White Paper topics

Chair: Kevin Kelly
Vice Chair & EC Liaison: Suzie Roselius
Staff Liaison: Peg Ritenour

Rachel Lewitt – 12/31/18
Ralph Mantica – 12/31/18
Kevin Kelly – 12/31/18
Brad Knapp – 12/31/19
Susan McCollister – 12/31/19
Suzie Roselius – 12/31/19
Bonnie Boyd – 12/31/20
Rick DeLuca – 12/31/20
Vacant – 12/31/20

EO Appointee (1 yr. appt.) – Sherry Stell