Association Executives (AEs)

Its primary purpose is to provide a forum for Local Board Association Executives to discuss matters of the AEC. Also assists Ohio REALTORS in its mission to strengthen and enhance the ability of Local Boards and Associations to serve their members and provides counsel and advice to the Ohio REALTORS Officers upon request.

List of Programs

  • Association Executives Education Sessions
  • Monitor Issues & Trends
  • Ohio Association Executives Seminar
  • AE Business Luncheon at Ohio REALTORS Annual Meetings as scheduling permits
  • AE Education Session at Ohio REALTORS Spring Conference & OAR Convention
  • AE Mentors
  • Provide regional resources as requested
  • AE Scholarship Fund
  • Push NAR ABC Courses
  • RCE Support Group

2018 Conferences & Convention Programming Ideas

  • Succession planning
  • AE contracts
  • Association Management Roundtables with topics (possibly with Jerry Mathews & other state CEOs)

Chair: Jennifer Zeller
Vice Chair: Lisa Yelichek, RCE
EC Liaison: Sandy Naragon, RCE
Staff Liaison: Sharon Sample, RCE

Jim Abele, RCE
Donna A. Baldwin, GRI
Caitlin Baumgartner
Leslie A. Besl
Rashee Billings
Brenda Blair
Karen Bodey
Kay Bonnette
Lisa Brail
Marque Bressler
Shari Burkmier
Lucy O. Buzzee
Sharon A. Chard
Stan E. Collins, RCE
Robyn G. Coomer
Therese Covell
Bryan Dean
Carl DeMusz, RCE
Lori Dye
Kathy Elliott
Megan Foos, RCE
Brenda Free
David W. Freitag, RCE
Amanda Fry
Marlene C. Griffith
Lynn J Hackworth
Stan A. Hartke
Roberta Hiller
Debbie Hoelscher
Sharon Hubbard
Cheryl L. Inscho
Bob Jones
Beth Klaes
John E. Kurlich
Julie Larson
Jamie McMillen
Dale Meller
Misty D. Miller
Jennifer Mueller-Robertson
Barbara S. Murray, RCE
Dana Nehren
Patty Osborn
Vicki Pate
Cathy J Petersman
Diane Plescia
Fred Poland
Opal M. Porter
Karen Preston
Mark Quarry
Amy Scott
Jeri Scott
Ida Seitter
Tammy Shadley-Hutton
Roxann Shaffer, RCE
Jane Shubert
Andrew Sims, RCE
Corey Skinner, RCE
Sherry Stell
Brent Swander
Barb Tressel-Bangas
Jeff Ullery
Mike Valerino, RCE
Suzanne Vazzano
Rose Wanosik, RCE
Sherry Waples
Kathleen A Warne
Tyler Warner

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