Quick Fixes for Your Guest Room

Have guests coming to you home? If so, you’d better get on that tired guest room fix-up. The good news is, small changes can make a big difference in the way your guests will feel about their temporary digs. Here are 10 quick fixes for your guest room.

Tired bedside tables?

Make easy updates with paint in a trendy color like gray or blue or hit Target for some inexpensive swap outs.

Update your duvet cover. Or all your bedding.

A bed in a bag is an easy way to update the whole room inexpensively. Just make sure you check the fabric first to make sure it’s not scratchy—and then bring it home and wash/dry with a few fabric softeners to help even more.

Upgrade your lampshades.

Give an old lamp a lift with an easy fix and add some trendy flavor to the room.

Bring in some fresh flowers.

They’re easy to pick up and surprisingly effective at making a space feel inviting. A small bouquet in a vase on a side table can make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated.

Add some new art.

A piece or two can create visual impact and take the eye away from other pieces that may be in need of freshening up. For a nice personal touch, blow up and frame family pictures that include your guests.

Go for a new headboard.

A decorative headboard can finish off a room with panache. You can make your own upholstered headboard or pick one up cheaply at any home goods store.

Paint paint paint.

Twenty bucks, a trip to Home Depot, and a few hours of family time can turn a drab white-walled room into one with personality.


A few fluffy pillows here, a lush throw there and you’ve created a warm, inviting environment.

Get cable in your guest room.

Your guests will appreciate being able to flip on the news to wind down at the end of the day. Stacking a couple of books in a variety of themes (travel, romance, historical) on the side table is another nice touch.

Creams and soaps and toothpaste

Create a care package including essentials they may have forgotten (tooth brush, hairspray, Q-tips) plus a few little luxuries like rich hand cream and a sleep mask.

Allowing your guests to retreat at the end of the day to a spa-like environment will surely have them coming back for more (if that’s what you’re after, of course).

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