Useful Landscaping Tips

Your front yard is the red carpet inviting friends (and potential buyers) into the beauty of your home. If it’s rugged, messy and unkempt, buyers will take one look and keep on driving to the next property on their list. Making your front yard beautiful and as important as the inside of your home.

What should be your area of focus? Where do you start?

Keep the grass mowed

Don’t make potential buyers trudge through high grass as though they were in the Amazon or on a safari in Africa. Mow once a week, keep it trimmed and maintained. Your yard also needs to be green so it looks alive and lush. Water, water, water.

Plant shade trees

One or two trees in the front yard are great, but if you want to really add some shade, plant more. Shade trees will detract from the glare of the sun, and it can help decrease the temperature of the house if they’re placed close to windows. It also will help keep the lawn green with moisture.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a good way to both illuminate the house at night and accent parts of your yard. Depending on where you install the lights, your house will look very appealing at night to those guests and/or buyers. Outdoor lighting also helps to illuminate a path, like a sidewalk, to get from the curb to your front door for easier navigation.

Add flowers for more color

If your front yard has a lot of greenery, you can increase the yard appeal by adding more colors. Flowers are a great and simple way to do this, as well as blooming shrubbery. Perennials are best because they come back every year, which equals less maintenance.

Keep everything clean!

In addition to keeping the lawn trimmed, everything else should be clean. Anywhere that can build up dirt or grime such as siding, porches, the front door and driveway–should be cleaned on a regular basis. Nothing looks worse than a lot of dirt and messy entryway. So take a broom, a power washer and a few hours on the weekend to keep everything sparkling clean.

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