5-Step Insurance Guide for Natural Disasters, Part 1

No matter where we live, the threat of a natural disater is real. Are you prepared?

Below are 5 tips to help you insure that your home is covered:

1. Take pictures prior to and after a disaster, so you can show the difference. Understand how to report damages to your insurance provider

2. Review your existing insurance policy for the amount and extent of coverage so that you have in place what is required for you and your family for all possible hazards.

3. Be aware that insurance policies sometimes take as long as 30 days before they pay out. Make sure you are covered for the period before the pay out.

4. Store important documents such as insurance policies, deeds, property records and other important papers in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box, away from your home.

5. Create a one-page document with your insurance policy and account numbers, insurers’ phone numbers and your bank and mortgage company phone numbers. Be sure to secure this document in your safety deposit box.

Look for next month’s column, Misconceptions about Natural Disasters.

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