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Brokers… Do you know what your agents are doing?
One of the components of the new license law provisions that became effective on April 6 is a requirement for each brokerage to identify at least one principal broker who is responsible for the activities of the brokerage. HB 532 also clarifies the duties required of the principal broker. Among these duties is the obligation to oversee the activity of affiliated licensees. This duty has been expanded to impose a duty on the principal broker to assure that their affiliated licensees are only providing real estate services within their area of competency, unless they are working with another affiliated licensee who possesses such competency.
(May 8, 2017, OAR Buzz)

OAR’s webinar on Ohio’s new license law changes now available!
OAR’s major legislative initiative — HB 532 — set to take effect on April 6. The organization hosted a webinar last week to provide insight on the implications of the new license law. During the hour-long program, Peg Ritenour, OAR vice president of legal services/administration, provided Ohio’s brokers, managers and agents with details on how the law will impact the profession.
(March 7, 2017, OAR Buzz)

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