REALTOR Code of Ethics


Does your buyer agency contract require the listing broker to pay you?
Q: I listed a home in a very hot market that has a low inventory. A buyer attended an open house and immediately decided to write a full price offer, which was ultimately accepted. Within days I got call from another broker who said she represented the buyer and had a written exclusive buyer agency agreement with the buyer. She claimed that I had violated the Code of Ethics because I should have asked the buyers it they were represented. She also claims that I owe her a commission that was offered in the MLS. The buyer never mentioned that he was working with another broker and that broker never showed the property to the buyer. Did I do anything wrong? Do I owe this broker a commission? (Jan. 3, 2017, OAR Buzz)

Which REALTOR can claim to have ‘sold’ a property?
Several questions have been received on OAR’s Legal Assistance Hotline about a word that is very important to REALTORS–SOLD. Who can claim to have sold a property and for how long? (Dec. 12, 2016, OAR Buzz)

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Legally Speaking: Can I talk to another REALTOR’s seller about taking a listing?
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