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Are you showing buyers property outside of your MLS? If so, make sure you talk to the listing agent about compensation or you may end up working for nothing!
(May 15, 2017, OAR Buzz)

Legally speaking: How to pay commissions correctly
Ohio Revised Code 4735.21 provides that any money connected with a real estate transaction must be collected in the name of and with the consent of the broker. This includes deposits, commissions, rent payments, and any other payments or fees. Inside are a few recent questions received on the Hotline that involve this section of the license law. (Jan. 31, 2017, OAR Buzz)

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Legally speaking: Protecting your commission with written agreements
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Do’s & don’ts when showing property outside your MLS
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U.S. Supreme Court issues decision that should end litigation against two Ohio brokerages
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