Sample Company Policies

 Sample Company Policies

Ohio license law requires that every brokerage have a brokerage company policy and develop a “Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships” to give to the public. Besides satisfying the license law, having a brokerage company policy will serve other vital functions. First, it will allow brokerages to set the types of agency relationships it will allow its agents to establish and the manner in which they are created. It can also serve as a tool to educate and train affiliated licensees on how to make required disclosures and how the brokerage wants certain situations handled.

It should be stressed that these sample policies are merely suggested formats. Brokerages are free to modify and probably should modify them to fit their particular office. Therefore, the sample policies are NOT in an interactive format. There are certainly several ways to handle some of the issues involved, especially in the area of procedures to protect confidential information. Those indicated are merely an example of how each area could be addressed.

The policies come in .pdf and word format. If you have problems opening the documents, contact Nikki Gasbarro at 614.228.6675 or e-mail at

Note: The Ohio Association of REALTORS is not responsible for the use or misuse of the brokerage company policies provided.

September 2013–Due to changes in the real estate license law regarding the sale or purchase of a real estate licensee’s own property, modifications were made to the Company Policies. To see the new language click on SAMPLE, which marks the changes in yellow highlights.

Company Policy A: Exclusive Seller Agency (PDFWordSAMPLE changes)
Company Policy B: Exclusive Buyer Agency (PDFWordSAMPLE changes)
Company Policy C: Split Agency (PDFWordSAMPLE change)
Company Policy D: Dual Agency (PDFWordSAMPLE change)
Company Policy E: Split Agency, but never Dual Agency (PDFWordSAMPLE change)

The New Agency Disclosure Statement
The Division of Real Estate has adopted the Agency Disclosure Statement.

The Agency Disclosure Statement is easy for licensees to complete and for the public to understand. It will include all of the necessary disclosures, as well as complete disclosure and consent to dual agency, thereby eliminating the need for a separate dual agency form.

The new Disclosure Statement is 8-1/2 x 11 and 2 sided.

View Statement requirements, click here
Agency Disclosure Statement (pdf format)
Agency Disclosure Statement (Word format)
Disclosure Statement FAQs

Management Level Licensees
There are two exceptions with respect to the dual agency provisions affecting management level licensees.

These exceptions apply when managers are handling their personal real estate and when they are personally representing a party in a transaction involving another licensee in their brokerage.

View management level licensee requirements
Management Level Licensees FAQs

Citation Authority
The Superintendent of Real Estate & Professional Licensing has the discretion to issue a $200 citation for agency law violations. Such citations will be much less costly to licensees than the formal hearing process required under the old law.

View Citation Authority rules
Citation Authority FAQs

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