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The Legal Services Group is responsible for the Legal Assistance Hotline (see details below), a free services available to principal brokers and designated office managers. The Hotline continues to be rated as one of OAR’s top services to members. Other equally important programs and services include:

Legal Action Program

The main purpose of the Legal Action Program is to provide financial assistance to support litigation of significance to the Association and its members. This program is administered by the Legal Action Committee. View guidelines and application. (pdf format).

Legal Action Committee

The Association’s Legal Action Committee monitors the legal environment as it pertains to the real estate profession and stands ready to defend or file lawsuits involving issues affecting the industry and REALTORS statewide.

Legal Assistance Hotline
This hotline can only be accessed by principal brokers and their designated office managers. A password is required.

One of the most valuable services OAR offers to its members is the Legal Assistance Hotline. This toll-free hotline will connect you to a staff attorney who can answer any type of legal question with regards to the real estate industry. This hotline is free of charge unless a written opinion is needed–then a minimal $25 will be charged. Because OAR has over 27,000 members–and only two part-time attorneys on staff–this hotline can only be accessed by brokers and their designated office managers. If you’re a sales associate and need a legal opinion, please ask your broker or office manager to make the call. Brokers can telephone Arica Jones at 614.225.6218 for their password, or to register an office manager for the free service.

Hotline hours: 9 a.m.-Noon and from 1:30-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Legal Issues Forum

The Legal Issues Forum affords members the opportunity to gather information on current legal issues of concern to the real estate profession. The Forum meets at the Tri-Annual meetings of the Association.


The annual Local Board and Real Estate Brokerage Attorney Roundtable offers a forum for discussion of issues unique to representation of a local Board including membership, professional standards, antitrust, MLS, and other association matters, as well as industry issues affecting broker members. For more information, click here.