OAR Staff & Contact Info

Nikki Gasbarro, OAR Web Site Administrator (direct: 614.225.6235) ngazbar@ohiorealtors.org


Photo of Bob FletcherRobert E. Fletcher
Chief Executive Officer

(direct: 614.225.6220)
Duties: Chief administrative officer
Chief lobbyist; Daily administration of all OAR programs, services, policies, financial condition; Maintains constructive relationships with Local Boards, State Associations and NAR and other groups with mutual interests; Office administration, personnel and workload assignments for all staff.

Photo of Peg RitenourPeg Ritenour
Vice President Legal Services
and Administration

(phone: use main number 614.228.6675)
Duties: Legal Assistance Hotline; Legal Action Committee; Legal Issues Forum; Assists CEO with Programs & Policies; Speaks to Local Boards (as available).

Photo of Shauna BrownShauna Brown
Director of Finance

(direct: 614.225.6232)
Duties: OAR Financial Operations; Financial & Accounting Policies; Payroll; Internal Financial Controls; Investments & Banking; Annual Budget; Annual Audit; Finance Committee; Local Board RPAC Entitlement Program; All RPAC Disbursements.

Debbie Dillon
Executive Assistant to CEO

(direct: 614.225.6212)
Duties: Administrative responsibilities to CEO & Dir./Board Support; Executive Committee; Board of Directors; Committee/Forum responsibilities: AE, Nominating, Strategic Planning, Professional Standards, MLS, Past Presidents, Political Activity & RPAC Fundraising Committee and RPAC Trustees; Travel for Officers & Staff; NAR Meetings; Policies & Code of Regulations; RPAC Staff Contact; RPAC Awards Programs; Assists with NAR Core Standards.

Information Management & Board Services Group

Sharon Sample
Director/Board Support Services

(direct: 614.225.6236)
Duties: Primary liaison to Local Associations for administrative & managerial services, governance policy, professional standards procedures & training and certification renewal and consolidations.  Committee staff liaison responsibilities include:  MLS Forum, Professional Standards Forum, Equal Opportunity-Diversity Committee, Association Executives Committee and Board Leadership Forums.  Coordinates Local Board Compliance with NAR Core Standards.

Photo of Jenna BraggJenna Bragg
Director/Meetings & Conventions

(direct: 614.225.6216)
Duties: Organizes all logistics for OAR Winter Conference, OAR Spring/Legislative Conference, OAR Convention; Scheduling, logistics and on-site set-up of other off-site OAR meetings; Staff liaison to OAR Convention Committee.

Photo of Greg StitzGreg Stitz

(direct: 614.225.6228)
Duties: Evaluation of Member benefit products & services programs; Research-related assistance to OAR staff and Local Associations; Collects & analyzes housing sales activity data from Ohio’s MLSes and prepares monthly reports for the OHIO REALTOR and press releases; Staff liaison to Products & Services and Research Advisory Committees.

Photo of Stacey DawsonStacey Dawson
Member Services Coordinator

(direct: 614.225.6227)
Duties: Responsible for administrative & support for the group; Committee responsibilities: Research Advisory Committee, Products & Services Committee and Convention Committee. Leadership Academy; Coordinates REALTOR of the Year program; Coordinates President’s Sales Club Program; Assists Director of Meetings and Conventions with the annual convention and expo preparation and follow-through, Winter and Spring/Legislative Conferences.

Public Policy Group   

Scott Williams
Vice President, Public Policy

(direct: 614.225.6224)
Duties: Lobbying; Bill research & analysis; Political Advocacy Fund; Staffs Legislative Steering; Enlarged Legislative; Appraisal; Issues Mobilization; Commercial/Industrial Committees; Local Government Forum; Speaks to Local Boards re: Legislative/Public Policy Issues.

Carrie Arblaster
Director/Political Affairs

(direct: 614.225.6221)
Duties: Lobbying, Legislative Committee, Legislative Steering Committee, RPAC Fundraising Committee, Issues Mobilization Committee, RPAC Trustees and My REALTOR Party.

Photo of Arica JonesArica Jones
Administrative Assistant

(direct: 614.225.6218)
Duties: Coordinates all administrative & secretarial affairs of group.
Committee support to: Appraisal, Legislative Steering, Enlarged Legislative, Legal Action, C/I Committees;  Local Government, Legal Issues and Residential Prop. Management & Investment Forums; Responds to inquiries on legislation & legislative issues; Legal Assistance Hotline.

Legal Services

Important Note: Legal inquiries from members must come through OAR’s Legal Assistance Hotline. No legal advice will be provided to the public.

Photo of Lorie GarlandLorie Garland
Assistant Vice President

(phone: use main number 614.228.6675)
Duties: Legal counsel; Staffing Legal Assistance Hotline; Speak to Local Boards re: legal issues and other various topics; Residential Property Management & Investment Forum.

Photo of Arica JonesArica Jones
Administrative Assistant

(direct: 614.225.6218)
Duties: Coordinates all administrative & secretarial affairs of group.
Committee support to: Appraisal, Legislative Steering, Enlarged Legislative, Legal Action, C/I Committees;  Local Government, Legal Issues and Residential Prop. Management & Investment Forums; Responds to inquiries on legislation & legislative issues; Legal Assistance Hotline.

Professional Development Group   

Director of Professional Development, Garry MoonGarry Moon

(direct: 614.225.6210)
Duties: CE, appraisal & special education events at OAR including curriculum, planning, evaluation, promotion, instructor development and Designation programs; Works in partnership with outside education vendors, Ohio and National Chapters of the Institutes, Societies and Councils, Local Associations, companies and NAR/REBAC designation continuing education, professional development, books and webinar offerings; Professional Development and Scholarship Committees; Ohio REALTORS Charitable & Education Foundation Trustees

Photo of Deanna WrightDeanna Wright
Education Services Coordinator

(direct: 614.225.6229)
Duties: Professional Development Administrative & Secretarial duties; Classroom & on-Line Course certification with ODRE; CE Course certificates; Updating curriculum, grading examinations; Coordinates co-sponsored & specialized programs; Develops professional development marketing/promotional materials; Coordinates & develops OAR website education information; Professional Development Committee

Publications & Media Relations Group  

Photo of Carl HorstCarl Horst

(direct: 614.225.6205)
Duties: Responsible for internal and external mass communications & media relations; Coordinates communications-related seminars & workshops for industry; OHIO REALTOR and OHIO REALTOR Editor; Works with statewide media to convey positive REALTOR image; Writing, editing, layout and publishing for printed OHIO REALTOR; Business manager for OHIO REALTOR; Presents the Association and all printed materials in a professional manner; Oversees OAR’s blog “OAR Daily Buzz”– providing content, editing & design of the newsfeed; Provides daily updates on the Association’s Facebook & Twitter feeds.

Photo of Nikki GasbarroNikki Gasbarro
Web Site Administrator

(direct: 614.225.6235)
Duties: OAR & Convention Web Site Administrator, Convention App, e-Connections, Technical assistance, Facebook, Twitter & Linked-In Social Media Sites Administrator, OHIO REALTOR Magazine, OAR Daily Buzz (blog), Distinguished Service Award Committee; Young Professionals Network, Board President’s Columns, Liaison with Key Association Advertisers, NAR Convio Administrator.

Management Information Systems Group  

Photo of Cherie MurrayCherie Murray
Director/Management Information Systems

(direct: 614.225.6217)
Duties: Responsible for the planning, implementation, management and security of internal and external OAR computer servers, systems and network. Membership Records & Dues Collection; Business Technology Forum; Works with Website Manager on website projects including functionality, design, development & implementation

Photo of Nikki ArnoldNikki Arnold
Membership Records Administrator

(direct: 614.225.6209)
Duties: Posting state and national dues remittances from Local Associations; Membership Records changes (i.e. address changes, company transfers, etc.); Assists Local Boards with membership records and NRDS; OAR dues billing service; Affiliate membership processing.

Photo of Shirley ReedShirley Reed
Technical Analyst

(direct: 614.225.6204)
Duties: Responsible for all staff computer systems hardware maintenance and upgrades; Assists Director of MIS with computer operations & oversees backup of computer systems; Assists with dues remittances; Posts RPAC Contributions to Aristotle and NAR.

Operations Group  

Robin Jennings
Vice President

(direct: 614.225.6223)
Duties: Coordinates work flow and daily operation of the Association; Administration of employee benefit programs & other HR-related issues; Responsible for building facility management, office equipment service and supplies.

Photo of Mary Ann SullivanMary Ann Sullivan
Operations Support Specialist

(direct: 614.225.6215)
Duties: Manages Accounts Receivable, including invoicing, collections, and preparation of daily deposits; Provides administrative support for Operations, Finance and Communications staff; Liaison to OAR sponsors & advertisers; Maintains Ohio news media contacts and disseminates news releases; Provides staff support with internal system training, report writing assistance and online form preparation; Provides administrative support to the Communications Committee.

Photo of Nikki ArnoldNikki Arnold
Operations Coordinator

(direct: 614.225.6209)
Duties: Provides in-house services for staff, including processing outgoing mail, running copies and providing administrative support as needed; Coordinates the use of on-site meeting space, including reservations and room set-up; Processes meeting & education course registration; Processes weekly NRDS & Ohio Division download; Responsible for ordering and tracking meeting room and office supplies; Coordinates new member mailing; Provides staff support with report writing; Provides administrative support to the Scholarship Committee.