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ALERT: Home inspector licensure ‘Call For Action’ to launch Feb. 13

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By Scott Williams, Ohio REALTORS Vice President of Public Policy

Beginning next week, Ohio REALTORS and their clients and customers will have an opportunity to tell state lawmakers that it’s time to pass much-need consumer protection legislation — specifically, to establish a licensure system for home inspectors.

Home inspections, a critically important part of the home buying process, is the only unregulated component of the home buying process in Ohio. The top legislative priority of Ohio REALTORS, House Bill 211 sponsored by Representative Hughes, would bring much needed oversight to home inspections, similar to what exists in more than 30 states across the country.

The measure has also garnered the support of the Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Yet, despite the industry’s strong support, HB 211 has languished in the House Commerce and Labor Committee for months, failing to gain the necessary support for passage. As such, the Ohio REALTORS will be launching it’s largest “Call For Action” ever on Tuesday, Feb. 13 — calling on REALTORS as well as the public to voice support for this common-sense consumer protection measure. Make sure you watch for the email to arrive in your mailbox and, more importantly, encourage your clients and customers to participate as well.

Without a massive effort by our more than 32,000 members, this much-needed legislation will likely never receive the votes necessary to become a law.

So how important is it to establish oversight of the home inspection? Click here to view a news clip from Channel 5 in Cleveland this week that highlights a home buyer’s woes — and thousands of dollars in unexpected expense — attributed to an inspection report. A key takeaway from the story:

They are complaints that have some new home buyers calling for a change in state law.

To make matter worse, Ohio doesn’t require licensing or testing to become a home inspector, just one of several states without the requirement.

(Lanise) Henry said Ohio law must be changed to protect home buyers, that trade organizations, which require some standards, aren’t enough.

Please watch your inboxes for the Call for Action on Tuesday morning and take action to pass this consumer-friendly, critically important piece of legislation!

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