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Ohio Safety Series: Know who you are dealing with

When you have new clients:

  • Meet them in the office
  • Verify his/her identity
  • Get their car mark and license number
  • Photocopy/photograph their driver’s license
  • Complete a client ID form

Ask prospect(s) to stop by your office and complete a personal identification form before going to a property. This should be openly obtained, preferably in the presence of an associate.

Verify their identity. This may entail calling references, his/her place of employment and verifying his/her current address. Information should be retained at your office; knowing that a name and address are known my discourage an assailant.

Get their car make and license number. It’s easy to do, and it will assist police in catching a criminal or finding you if you are abducted. If the car is stolen, your prospect will be reluctant to give you a license number.

Introduce the prospect to someone in your office. A would-be assailant does not like to be noticed or receive exposure knowing a person could pick him out of a police line-up.

Photocopy/photograph their driver’s license. Legitimate clients do not mind you copying/photographing their driver’s license. We freely show our license to the clerk at a grocery store when we write a check. We can expect identification from our client before we show a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Work smart and stay safe!

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