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Make your voice heard on a sensible tax fix for Ohio!

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Ohio has an opportunity to make a positive, common-sense fix to its antiquated municipal income tax. It’s time to take action and make it happen!

Ohio REALTORS are supporting a plan proposed by Gov. John Kasich to use the Ohio Business Gateway as a centralized collection entity to help small business owners meet their tax obligations in a simple, streamlined manner.

Passage of this proposal will allow anyone who earns income in multiple taxing jurisdictions to file one tax returns through the Ohio Business Gateway. Clean…simple…and a welcome change from the current necessity to send a return to every locales where income was earned. It will save you time, money and — most importantly — help make Ohio more tax friendly!

Cities are fighting this move — fearing that they will lose control and tax revenue. Nothing could be further from the truth. This forward-looking plan will just make it easier for tax payers to meet their obligation.

Click here and tell your Ohio Senator to support a centralized tax collection system by adopting the Ohio Department of Taxation’s “opt-in” amendment!

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