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Make sure your ‘team’ advertising is License Law compliant

By Peg Ritenour, OAR Vice President of Legal Services/Administration

Teams have become a very successful business model for many Ohio REALTORS. While this can be an effective way for agents to maximize their time and efforts, they need to make sure that they aren’t running afoul of the License Law. One of the main areas teams need to be careful about is advertising. There were so many questions about team advertising that the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing actually adopted a rule a few years ago to clarify what is expected of teams to comply with the license law. But every day I see teams who are not in compliance with these requirements.

To keep you on the right side of the license law, here are the key provisions you need to watch:

  1. You must include your brokerage name in all forms of advertising. That includes print, websites, yard signs, billboards, etc.
  2. In addition to the team name, you have to include the name of at least one individual affiliated with the team in all ads. The only exception is if the team name itself includes the full licensed name of one of the agents (i.e., the Jane Jones Team)
  3. The team name can’t be more prominent than the brokerage name —  and neither can the names of the team members. Again that applies to all ads including yard signs, newspaper ads, your website, etc.
  4. If you include the name of an unlicensed team member in an ad (i.e., an unlicensed assistant) that person must be identified as unlicensed in the ad.

If you want to check out the the rule on team advertising, click here. You can also get information on all the license law provisions on advertising in OAR’s White Paper on Advertising.

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