Cybertalking…Do they know who you are?

by Andrew Wooten, safety expert

Woman using smartphone Cyber security networkWe all love our laptops, smart phones, iPads, and all the other little electronic gadgets that make our lives so much easier. But are they safe? What are you telling the world about your life?

Stalking. We all know what it is and why it happens. But, how it happens is changing. In the past someone would be stalked through phone calls and physically being followed. But in today’s cyber world there is a new kind of stalking emerging, cyber stalking. Today you can be stalked through social media, text messages and emails along with the traditional methods. And as we become more open with social media, the easier it is for stalkers to find their victims.

So how do you protect yourself? Here are some tips to follow.

  • Do you know all your “friends” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media? Do you know all your followers on Twitter? Be selective with whom you accept onto your social media pages.
  • When posting on social media, do not post where you are and where you are going.
  • Do not use social media that requires you to “check in” at locations.
  • On your camera, disable location devices or GPS that tags your photos with a location.
  • NEVER post on social media when you are going out of town for business or vacation.
  • Keep personal information to a minimum on social media. Do not post your home address, telephone numbers or email address.

Crime happens, there are no guarantees. But you can decrease your chances of becoming a victim by guarding what information you share.