Local Government

Its purpose is to foster discussion and create greater awareness of issues affecting real estate involving local units of government, including cities, counties and townships. Forums shall allow members to share and seek information on local governmental trends and generally discuss local problems. Forums may include speakers who are able to convey information on pertinent local issues, as well as open discussion by attendees. Forums will meet as needed during the Association’s Meetings. Recommendations approved by Forum attendees may be presented for consideration by the Executive Committee.

List of Programs

  • Conduct Liaison Meetings with Local Government Associations When Necessary
  • Publicize local legislative issues in the OHIO REALTOR

Chair & EC Liaison: Gloria Cannon
Vice Chair: Mic Gordon
Staff Liaison Scott Williams

James L. Abele, RCE, CC
Jennifer L. Allen
Joann E. Amos
Deborah L. Barber, ABR,CRS
Cliff Bellar
Leslie A. Besl, EO, CC
David P. Bissler
Marque Bressler, CC
Timothy J. Cocanour, ABR,GRI,MRP, CC
Michelle L. Collins
Stan E. Collins, RCE, CC
David E. Cook, GRI
Thomas A. Dile
Brittany L.B. Eddy
Nancy S. Eubanks, ABR, CC
Dirck A. Everhart, CC
Stephen R. Ferrebee, CC
Charles W. Foster, CRB, GRI
David W. Freitag, CEO
Sharon L. Geier, CC
James W. Geyer
Benjamin H.D. Gommel, CC
Sandra K. Green
Deborah K. Hafner
Kevin Michael Jordan
John E. Kurlich, CEO, CC
Sandra K. LoCascio, CC
Lynda S. Long, CRS,CRB
Sue Lusk-Gleich, CRS
Sandra K. LoCascio
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS
Michael Lee Martin
Douglas R. McCloud, CRS
Hugh L. McDonough
Jamie McMillen
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI, CC
Larry P. Mitchell
Philip O. Morrical, III, CC
Barbara S. Murray, RCE
Ted Oatts, GRI
Jeffrey L. Owens
Dylan T. Parry, CC
Judith F. Patriski, CRS,PMN, CC
Richard J. Piraino
Mark Quarry
Paul C. Renwick, CRS, CC
Ted J. Schriver, CC
Amy Scott, EO
Shaun Thomas Simpson
Cerenna Lea Solecki
Donna R. Steutermann
Mary Lisa Stewart
Brent Swander
James M. West, CRB
Lisa Yelichek
Joanne Zettl, CRS
Jay R. Zollars, CC