Legal Issues

The purpose of the Legal Issues Forum is to increase awareness and understanding on the part of Board leaders and the general membership of legal issues relevant to the Association and the real estate business. Forums shall allow members to share and seek information of a legal nature and offer suggestions on how the Association may provide assistance. At forum programs, speakers will convey information on legal issues, as well as encourage discussions among attendees. Forums shall be scheduled at the Spring Conference and Annual Convention. Recommendations approved by the Forum attendees may be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee.


  • Update members on new state, federal legislation, legal issues affecting the industry

Chair & EC Liaison: Suzie Roselius
Vice Chair: Rick DeLuca
Staff Liaison: Peg Ritenour

James L. Abele, RCE, CC
Peter C. Alex
Jennifer L. Allen, CC
Joann E. Amos
Lisa Arzate
Donna A. Baldwin, GRI
Deborah L. Barber, ABR,CRS
Cliff Bellar
Joanne Berardi
Leslie A. Besl, EO, CC
Karen Bodey, EO, CC
Marque Bressler, CC
Shannon Pauline Cannon
Timothy J. Cocanour, ABR,GRI,MRP, CC
Michelle L. Collins
Stan E. Collins, RCE
Christopher Lloyd Conant
Judy C. Conklin, SRES, ABR, CC
Thomas A. Dile, CC
Brittany L.B. Eddy, CC
Merilyn Kay Edwards, CC
Kathy Elliott
Nancy S. Eubanks, ABR
Stephen R. Ferrebee, CC
Ora Forusz, CRS, GRI
Charles W. Foster, CRB, GRI
David W. Freitag, CEO, CC
David K. Galbreath, Jr., CRB, CC
Jody Ann Gartin, CC
Sharon L. Geier, CC
Debi L. Gerbus
Elizabeth K. Gerbus Akeley, CC
Benjamin H.D. Gommel
Deborah K. Hafner
Alec H. Hagerty, ABRM
Jonathan M. Hall, GAA
Mary T. Hankner, GRI
Edward V. Hazners, GRI
Carla Jean Herbert
Alex Morgan Johnson
Penny J. Kice
Young H. Kim, CRS, CC
Sondra R. King
John E. Kurlich, CEO
David Earl Lahmers, Sr. , CC
Jan N. Leverett
Tiffany A. Lobertini
Sandra K. LoCascio
Lynda S. Long, CRS,CRB
Sue Lusk-Gleich, CRS
Milton O. Lustnauer, CRS, CC
John J. Lynch, CC
Ralph M. Mantica, CRS, CC
Michael Lee Martin, CC
Kimberlee A. McClellan
Douglas R. McCloud, CRS
Susan Rae McCollister
Kelly L McCormick
Hugh L. McDonough
Jamie McMillen, CC
Darlene F. Mink-Crouse, GRI
Larry P. Mitchell
Brent T. Moore, CRS, CC
Philip O. Morrical, III
Robert H. Morrison
Barbara S. Murray, RCE, CC
John W. Myers, Jr., GRI
Ted Oatts, GRI
Gerard P. O’Neil, CC
Jeffrey L. Owens
Kenneth L. Parchman
Leonard A. Partin, CRB
Judith F. Patriski, CRS,PMN
Mary L. Pollock
Veronica L. Ramos, CC
Paul C. Renwick, CRS
Sara E. Riesen
Ted J. Schriver, CC
Amy Scott, EO
Andrew P. Show, Jr, CSP, CC
Scott W Simms
Cerenna Lea Solecki
Sherry Stell, EO, CC
Donna R. Steutermann, CC
Brent Swander
Frederick L. Troyer, CC
Steven R. Weiser, GRI
James M. West, CRB
Brian J. Whitta, GRI,ABR, CC
Annette Lee Wilcox
Lisa Yelichek
Deborah J. Zeren, ABR, GRI
Joanne Zettl, CRS
Jay R. Zollars, CC