Internet and Housing

Embracing technology and online resources is an integral part of how REALTORS identify, market, and sell homes and ensure they are meeting the needs of their clients.

The (Name) Board of REALTORS is helping its members keep up with the latest technology to enhance their business processes and profitability and help them connect with all parties in the real estate transaction.

Over the years, REALTORS have invested a lot of time and millions of dollars in building online real estate technologies, and as a result, most consumers use the Internet to learn about homes for sale. Nine out of 10 recent buyers used the Internet in their home search.

Given the Internet’s convenience and round-the-clock accessibility, it’s not surprising that many home buyers first look online for properties and information when beginning their search. Most of those buyers then turn to a REALTOR to help them realize their real estate goals; 90 percent of home buyers who searched for homes online ended up using a REALTOR to purchase their home.

Some critics believe that, with its ability to disseminate and facilitate the exchange of information, the Internet should make buying a home more like buying an airline ticket. But homes aren’t airline tickets or stock certificates.
Consumers know a REALTOR’s unique local market knowledge and real insights can’t be replicated by online research.
Most buyers and sellers rely on and enjoy REALTOR-supported online content and resources like multiple listing service websites and to market and find properties.

Technology has transformed the way REALTORS do business, but in real estate, high tech doesn’t come at the expense of high touch. Advances in smartphones and social media have made it easier for REALTORS to stay in touch with their clients, but at its core, residential real estate is still grounded in relationships.

Rather than displacing real estate agents, the Internet is actually helping connect them with homebuyers. More than ever before, home buyers and sellers are looking to REALTORS for real insights and support to handle what is likely their most important financial transaction.

And remember to contact a REALTOR, a member of the (Name) Board of REALTORS for all of your real estate needs.