Money-Saving Tips on Fall Landscaping

by Board President, Board of REALTORS

As long-time home owners already know, fall is a great season for yard work–the weather is nice, plants are cheap, and veggies are hardy.

Here are three easy fall landscaping projects:

A salvaged compost bin — Create a compost bin in a natural area of the backyard. On one side, pile raked leaves so they can become mulch. On the other side, keep an old trash can with a tight lid to use to deposit food scraps.

Saving money on a steep slope–If your front yard is very steep and shady, it’s perfect for a couple of retaining walls.

Purchasing $100 worth of concrete blocks, enlist help from friends, and go to work. Dig a trench or two and stack each wall with the blocks. By mixing the soil with several bags of topsoil, you can turn the area into something plants would want to grow in.

Plants are cheaper in fall because nurseries like to clean out their inventories.

Once a garden is established, gardeners have to divide and cut back their plants, so don’t be afraid to ask a neighbor or friend if you can take advantage of their unwanted offshoots. Chances are they’d be happy to give them to you.

Good eating from a fall garden–In September, prepare your garden for fall veggies by pulling out all summer plants that are finished fruiting, by turning and loosening the soil, removing all weeds, and adding compost. Plant vegetables that thrive in cooler temperatures are broccoli, spinach, and cabbage.

Spinach should last through several hard frosts, and the broccoli and cabbage should live until temperatures drop below 20 degrees F.

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