Household Tricks

Below are some quick, easy tips, brought to you by President, ________________ of the __________ Board of REALTORS, to fix those irritating problems in your home

Unclog a drain
Solution: Next time one of your drains is clogged, drop three Alka-Seltzer tablets down the sink followed by a cup of white vinegar. When combined together, these ingredients will dissolve grease and other funky things. After about 15 minutes, you can clear the drain with boiling water.

Do not attempt this trick immediately after using a commercial drain opener like Drano or Liquid-Plumr.

You can also use this exact same solution to clean and freshen up toilet bowls.

Fix scuffed floors
Give scuffmarks on tile and linoleum floors the boot using a tennis ball fitted on the end of a broom handle. When rubbed against the floor, the ball will remove scuffmarks. Don’t have a tennis ball? Use a sneaker. The bottom of most clean sneakers can easily buff floors.

Create more pantry space
Small office organizers like the ones used for pencils and pens can turn wasted wall space into room for spice storage.

Keep your fingernails clean when doing dirty jobs
Simply pack clean soap under your talons by rubbing them across a bar a few times. When the dirty work is done, quickly scrub it all out with a nailbrush.

Fix a wall crack
Just add a little baking soda to Crazy Glue when filling a small wall crack–it becomes a hard plastic you can easily sand or file down.

Undo glue joints or remove a pesky sticker
Turn a can of air duster cleaning spray upside down and spray your target. Doing so will “freeze” the glue, making it easy to undo the joint or pull the sticker off.

Remember, when your ready to buy or sell your home, the ________________________ Board of REALTORS is here to assist.