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The implications for Ohio REALTORS of the recent court ruling regarding a duty to disclose
In last week’s article (see below), I discussed a recent appellate court decision involving a REALTOR’s duty to disclose the criminal background of a neighbor. So does this case mean that REALTORS in Ohio never have to disclose the presence of a convicted felon or other offsite conditions to a purchaser? Not necessarily. (Nov. 21, 2016, OAR Buzz)

Ohio court finds no duty to disclose neighbor’s criminal record
Did a brokerage and agent have a duty to tell a buyer that a neighbor’s son was recently released from prison and was living with his parents? According to the First Appellate District Court in Hamilton County, the answer is no. (Nov. 14, 2016, OAR Buzz)

When should the Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form be updated?
A question that is asked frequently on the Ohio Association of REALTORS Legal Assistance Hotline involves the seller’s duty to update the Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form. In some cases this question may come up because the house has been on the market for a while and information on the form is no longer accurate. It could also arise due to issues that were uncovered by an inspection that results in the property going back on the market. (Nov. 7, 2016, OAR Buzz)

Are you required to disclose a murder or suicide on a property?
Q: Can a REALTOR be held liable for failing to disclose that a murder or suicide took place on a property?
A: Believe it or not this is a question we receive almost weekly on the OAR Legal Assistance Hotline. (Oct. 31, 2016, OAR Buzz)

REO properties: Are lenders exempt when it comes to disclosure? (OAR Buzz; April 11, 2016)

OAR Legal Hotline FAQs: Ohio’s Property Disclosure Form
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Spooks and Spirits…Disclosing a death at a property
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Ohio Broker found liable for failing to disclose a negative inspection Part I (June 16, 2014, OAR Buzz) … Part II  (June 23, 2014, OAR Buzz)

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Questionable practice designed to avoid disclosing defects
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Dealing with a negative home inspection report
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Updated lead-based paint pamphlet available
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Mortgage disclosure rule (EC: Oct. 2011)
FAQs (Residential Property Disclosure Form, exemptions, real estate owned, disclosure law, stigmatized property)
New Disclosure Exemption Form Available (article by Peg Ritenour, OAR Buzz; Sept. 2012)