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Ohio’s advertising requirements
OAR’s Annual Convention & Expo, in Cleveland featured attorneys Cindy Lammert, Jon Deegan and Mark Rodio who put on another jammed pack risk reduction program addressing a variety of topics. Many of the questions submitted concerned Ohio’s advertising requirements and the prominence rule. (Oct. 3, 2016, OAR Buzz)

Team advertising violations persist
(June 20, 2016, OAR Buzz)

Legally speaking: Can an agent promote themselves as Jane Doe Realty?
(Nov. 2, 2015, OAR Buzz)

Legally speaking: False statements about “Coming Soon” can result in discipline
(Aug. 31, 2015, OAR Buzz)

Legally Speaking: Can a team name be on a yard sign?
(June 22, 2015, OAR Buzz)

Legally Speaking: Is my Facebook page considered advertising?
(March 23, 2015, OAR Buzz)

Legal Matters: Social media & online advertising (VIDEO)
(June 26, 2014, OAR Buzz)

Legal Matters: Advertising (VIDEO)
(June 9, 2014, OAR Buzz)

When does “The #1 Agent” go from puffery to a license law violation?
(May 12, 2014, OAR Buzz)

When can you advertise another broker’s listing?
(March 28, 2014, OAR Buzz)

Stay within the ‘rules’ when advertising your real estate services
(August 12, 2013, OAR Buzz)

What can I say in an advertisement?
(July 22, 2013, OAR Buzz)

Websites & compliance with Ohio license law
(June 3, 2013, OAR Buzz)

Make sure your ‘team’ follows the advertising rules
(March 11, 2013, OAR Buzz)

Make sure your ‘team’ advertising is License Law compliant
(Sept. 4, 2012, OAR Buzz)

Who really ‘sold’ it?
(Aug. 16, 2012, OAR Buzz)

Does your web site comply with license law? (OR: Feb. 2011)

Advertising laws cause confusion, concern (OR: March 2010)

Advertising on your web site (OR: Dec. 2010)